The Temperament God Gave You

Learn to understand and motivate your children. See how the intrinsic nature each person is born with affects their perceptions and decisions. 

This 8 session program has been of benefit to teams of couples, men or women.

Table of Contents:

1. What is Temperament/ 2. Overview of 4 Temperaments/ 3. Which Temperament is Mine/  4. Understanding your Spouse's Temperament and Temperament Combinations in Marriage/  5. Understanding your Child's Temperament/  6. Parenting and Parent/Child Combinations/ 7. How to Motivate Yourself and Others/ 8. Temperament and the Spiritual Life   

All programs offer a complete set of support tools for the facilitators who lead the team including the Facilitator Essentials Course and discussion answer keys at no additional cost. Answer keys and lesson tips are located in the leadership area of the website. Contact your team coordinator to receive access.

 In addition to the program workbook you
will find a Catechism of the Catholic Church(CCC)
and a bible helpful. We frequently reference the
CCC second edition throughout the program. As
most team meetings will begin with a gospel
reflection a bible will also be useful to you. Both
of these items can be purchased at any Catholic goods store.

Catechism of the Catholic Church(CCC)
Compendium of the Catechism


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