Called to Prayer

Through the centuries men and women have known that prayer is not only a source of strength but a means to find peace and happiness.  This 10 session program leads you and a group of friends through the wonders of the interior life, the life of prayer, a communion with God who dwells within you. Learn to hear that still small voice that whispers constantly, " I love you." You will find your life responding to this hidden relationship with God as together you and he bring peace and balance into your home... your life.


All programs offer a complete set of support tools for the facilitators who lead the team including the Facilitator Essentials Course and discussion answer keys at no additional cost.  Answer keys and lesson tips are located in the leadership area of the website. Contact your team coodinator to receive access.


In addition to the program workbook you will find a Catechism of the Catholic Church(CCC) and a bible helpful. We frequently reference the CCC second edition throughout the program. As most team meetings will begin with a gospel reflection a bible will be useful to you. Both of these items can be purchased at any Catholic goods store.

 Catechism of the Catholic Church(CCC)

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Familia USA and Proyecto Familia does not ship program materials to Canadian Participants. Canadian orders are to be made through Familia Canada.