Serving Parishes

Familia is committed to serving the Catholic Church by offering a variety of parish programs. As a parish uses Familia to build family networks, strong teams of friends and families emerge with a sense of belonging and a connection to their greatest hope and resource… parish life.

Priests will appreciate that Familia programs have been thoughtfully and thoroughly prepared and are in line with the Church's teachings. The results for families leave a positive and lasting change.  Here are some of the results.

Familia participants have more than a 90% increase in their commitment to applying the Church’s teachings on marriage and family life and to teaching the Catholic faith in families.  95% of participants show a greater involvement in parish ministries.

Pastor Testimony

“My impression of Familia is very favorable. The study of Church documents in the context of one’s own faith can be nothing but enriching for the participants. Nothing but good could come from their coming together for the purpose of deepening their understanding of the Church’s teachings and of growing in their faith. It (Familia) has been a support in the sense that the better informed and the deeper the faith of our parishioners the more effective our parish life. That’s beautiful!” — Msgr. James Pieper, Pastor, Church of St. Clement, St. Louis, MO