Proyecto Familia (New Spanish Couples Program)

This is Familia Canada's newest program for couples made available to us through Cana Family Institute - Familia USA (via Familia Unida in Mexico). The program is entirely in Spanish and includes on-line training for facilitators, a workbook, a DVD and CD. The program consists of 14 sessions: 4-Being Spouses, 5-Being Parents, 5-Being a Family. There are additional optional sessions exploring Common Issues: Temper Tantrums (3-6 yrs), Aggressiveness (7-12 yrs) and Addictions (Teenagers).

All programs offer a complete set of support tools for the facilitators who lead the team including the Facilitator Essentials Course and discussion answer keys at no additional cost.  Answer keys and lesson tips are located in the leadership area of the website. Contact your team coodinator to receive access.

Familia USA and Proyecto Familia does not ship program materials to Canadian Participants. Canadian orders are to be made through Familia Canada.