Familia Programs - Strengthening Families

Familia provides three different program series to best meet the needs of families.

God's great gift to men and women is their complimentarity, created equal and yet very different. Familia recognizes the needs that each vocation possesses. The role of husband and father has its own influence and direction. The vocation of wife and mother is also unique and the Church and the world have great need of a woman's authentic strength and gifts. So, while we do offer couples programs that deveop vision and unity in the marriage, we also offer programs that help men or women know themselves and discover a deeper appreciation for their personal vocation. When individuals take strides to develop their talents, gifts and goals they have more to offer a spouse and children. This allows the marriage to grow stronger, the family to be happier. Comprehensive training materials are available to all facilitators, click About Familia to learn more about them. 


Fatherhood Series

Invest in the future of your family by understanding God's powerful plan for you and how your role as a father is an irreplacable means for your children to betruly happy.

Don't have anxiety about yet another time committment! Almost universally, men that have gone through the Familia programs have found the short course is very flexible to their demanding schedule and after a couple meetings they look forward to the weekly dialogue with other men about topics facing their family. The lasting benefits to your family cannot be overstated as a path to help your wife and kids exceed your vision of happiness.

Put this plan to work for your family by selecting one of the following programs.

Motherhood Series

As the heart of the family, mothers lovingly nurture their children to help them find happiness and lead a meaningful life. Nurturing your family may come naturaly to you, but tending to your family's spiritual needs can often seem overwhelming and maybe even awkward at times.

Familia provides an exciting program to understand God's unique and extrodinary plan for your family. It sets you on a path to help lead your family to pure lasting happiness that will come with a closeness to Christ.

Learn how to take the simple steps that will bring your family in union with Christ.


Couples Series

Electrify your marriage by reaching a fullness of understanding for God's plan for your relationship and the depth of love that comes when a marriage is built on the foundation of Christ.

On a team with other couples, talk about and understand the great mysteries of our daily life and how we can develop and ever deeper appriciation for each other. God has a vision for the happiness of your family. You and your family are important to him.

These couples programs have also benefitted teams of men or women. Learn more about how to further strengthen your marriage and family: