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Ages 10–16 | Challenge is a Girls Club organized in local parishes providing faith-building formation, friendships and activities.

Visit the Challenge website


Ages 5–16 | Conquest is a Boys Club organized in local parishes providing faith-building formation, leadership opportunities, Gospel-reflections and camps.

Visit the Conquest website


ePriest offers an online resource of best practices, homily packs and priest resources for formation, retreats and pilgrimages.

Visit the ePriest website

Kids4Jesus (K4J)

Ages 3–13 | K4J is a series of programs that motivates children and families to live virtue and love Christ through their Catholic faith by completing a simple mission each month. Take a look at the various programs for parishes, schools, clubs and in the home!

Visit the Kids4Jesus (K4J) website

Mission Youth

High School to College Age | Mission Youth (YTM) provides local, national and international humanitarian and evangelization mission opportunities.

Visit the Mission Youth website

Pilgrim Queen of the Family

Pilgrim Queen of the Family is a structured parish family program to promote praying the rosary.

Visit the Pilgrim Queen of the Family website

Pure Fashion

High School Age | Pure Fashion is a faith-based model training program, guiding young women to become more confident, competent leaders who live the virtues of modesty and purity, that culminates in a community-wide fashion show.

Visit the Pure Fashion website


Kindergarten to College Age | SportsLeader is a comprehensive Coach Mentoring Program that trains coaches to be role models for athletes — instilling Gospel values, integrity, honor, and service.

Visit the SportsLeader website

High School to Young Adult Age | is the most comprehensive Catholic online resource for discerning vocations.

Visit the website