The Familia programs offered Darrin and I so much more than a book study. It provided us with a network of other parents who want the best for their families. The topics talked about in Familia meetings are geared to help families draw closer to Christ and the church as well as to their spouse and their children. Love is the central theme of Familia! Darrin and I have grown deeper in our faith and now share with more confidence our love and excitement for the teachings of the church because of what we learned doing the gospel reflections, catechism and document studies. Familia is “an experience” that one holds dear to their hearts when looking back and forging forward.

Debbie & Darrin B., Regina, Sk 


"Familia totally changed our marriage and faith life. My husband was wanting to leave the church and it was in God's plan that I met the director couple in our city one weekend 10 years ago. We didn't know what beautiful treasures we had in the Catholic Church.  I accredit Familia to keeping our family together"

Corina & Rauno R., Winnipeg, MB


"There are so many great things Splendor of Love brought to our relationship. Instead of going out to a movie and not talking to each other we actually had great conversation for at least two hours after our meetings. Our talks were very deep and filled with love after learning the teaching of the Church on human spirituality and sexuality and how the two are really tied to each other. During the evening we had wonderful conversations with the other couples and built some great friendships."

Vicky H., Stony Plain, AB


"Familia has changed my life by giving me the tools to focus on my family in the most loving way I know, to focus on my husband as God desires for us as a couple, and to focus on my children as God desires for us as a family.  Although my husband is not currently in the Familia program, his support for my involvement has been complete.  He has seen the benefits of this program through what I bring home from it. The ladies on my team are truly incredible women.  As we continue in year three of the program, they are such a blessing to me, because at the times when I feel like I’m just not getting it, or not doing the right things, they inspire me by their stories and actions.  We are all at different places in our journey of faith, but we are journeying together, and that just feels really good."

Corinne K., Saskatoon, Sk.


"What I discovered is that Familia is not just a mother’s group or a study group.  I think the best way to describe it is that it is an encounter with Christ.... meeting together with others of the same faith and discussing the content of what we’ve read in a prayerful manner is much more powerful.... I always come away from these meetings feeling like I have come very close to Christ.  Sometimes the message I receive is challenging, but most often I feel encouraged, enlightened and strengthened.  I always leave these meetings feeling like I have my priorities straight, like I have been reminded of what is truly important.  What a blessing!

The relationships that I have formed through Familia are very special to me.  I feel a strong connection to these fellow members of our church.  They feel like sisters to me, and indeed we are family!... I think that especially in a parish this large that groups like this are essential in bringing people together." 

Maria R., Spruce Grove, AB


"I know that my husband and children will be much better off for all the blessings that God has given me through Familia, since I can see, now, how my experiences come home with me. I suppose this is the greatest success, since I have learned that it is my role as a wife and mother that is most important in God’s eyes.

The world is evermore trying to sell women different roles to divert them from their true vocation, but Familia can offer women the truth that God wants for them. I am very happy to be learning that truth, and am so thankful that God has given me this opportunity."

Monique S., Stony Plain, AB


"Each meeting after summarizing our gospel reflections we create a group resolution, a concrete task to be performed by each couple before the next meeting.  We have really enjoyed these resolutions, since they have compelled us to communicate daily as a couple to discuss our faith.  These discussions have helped us to grow in our love for one another, and for God, and to become better parents.   They have also given us the opportunity to expand our faith discussions with friends, family and those around us." 

Kara and Brent G., Lloydminister, AB


"I am very grateful and happy I signed up for Familia.  First of all, it enriched my life spiritually through studying our faith in a group setting, which on my own, I would not have made time for.  But Familia also enriched my life personally because through it, I made friends with other moms struggling to live and grow in their faith.   

So, sign up for Familia and grow in faith and friendships!"

Claudia H., Spruce Grove, AB


The major impact FAMILIA has had on our marriage is the understanding and clarity of the church’s teaching on openness to life. A few years ago, David and I made a decision based on the secular world view that we could not afford to have any more children and so my husband opted to have a vasectomy. Needless to say this was a decision that impacted our marriage, family and outlook on life in a very negative way. It was only through FAMILIA and studying the teachings on openness to life that we discovered the root of our marital problems. Since then, David had the vasectomy reversed and now that we have restored the openness to life in our marriage, we have a new strength and new hope for our family; we are praying to have the courage to accept God's will. We have welcomed NEW LIFE into our family, we are simply grateful to be back in full communion with Christ and His Church and we want to be sure to reach as many souls as we can, so they can appreciate the great gift of being co-creators with God. 

David & Fatima B.,  Toronto, Ont


The Familia program helped me to better understand my mission as a mother and wife. In my spiritual growth, I know it is so important to have God's word be the center of my life. In each lesson we reflected on His word, coming up with resolutions that helped me live the Gospel in a practical way.

It is a much easier journey when you know that families involved in Familia around the world are searching and working for the same Christian values.

Judith C., Vancouver, BC